Does Your Website “Really” Deliver Your Message ?

Do The Homework

What really goes into a website that is compelling, targeted to your audience, content rich to deliver your message, visually attractive, intuitive to navigate, search engine friendly, and we can go on and on, but you get the point.  There’s a lot to it and as a result, you need people doing your development that are very experienced in producing top tier results.

First you must ask questions:

  • Why am I building a website, what’s the goal and message?
  • Who am I building the website for, who is my audience?
  • What is the “Call To Action”, how do you challenge your audience?
  • What look and feel will best accomplish my goals with this website design and the company’s image?
  • Where do I want this website to be found, what would be appropriate keywords?
  • What special functionality do I need in the website design to convey my message?
  • What interactivity do I require with social media to create “community” for my message?

This is only a brief list of questions, but the concept is clear.  Building a website requires not only knowledge of the Internet and web building techniques, but equally, perhaps even more important is a knowledge of our client’s unique business and expertise in best business practices to produce EPIC RESULTS ~ ACCELERATED!.

A Perfect Fit


Like a JigSaw Puzzle, your web presence has hundreds of pieces that need to fit together, perfectly.  The better the fit, the greater your success.  Imagine doing a JigSaw Puzzle without a picture on the box.  Yet, some people are compelled to let inexperience create and control the image for their company.  Just like doing a JigSaw Puzzle without a picture on the box, the outcome takes much longer than it needs to and typically never gets finished.

JigSaw Image

A new website to represent your business in a compelling and professional manner is not something you want to “get a deal” on.  Like healthcare and legal matters, websites can go really well or really badly.  There has been a saying for many years that “you don’t want to save money on your doctor or your lawyer”.  We suggest that your web professional runs pretty close to that characterization, too.  Why spend your money on a website that doesn’t get results.


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