You've Lost Them!


You know that look?  The look you have when a website isn’t formatted for mobile? Pinching and zooming, BOOM, they just left in frustration!


Here are the 3 Rules you need to know about Mobile Websites!


Rule # 1.  If your website is not mobile friendly, your visitors will stay about 3-5 seconds before leaving, studies show.  If your visitor has to “pinch and zoom” to view your regular website shrunk down on a mobile device, they won’t stay, they will move on to the next mobile friendly website and you’ve lost your chance with them.


Rule # 2.  Today, about 70% of all search is done on mobile devices!  With statistics like that, do you really want to turn your back on that much business?  Let’s face it, we live on our mobile devices so shouldn’t that be a priority with your web presence, too?


Rule # 3.  After Google’s “Mobilegeddon 2.0” if your website isn’t mobile friendly,  Google will penalize your search rankings!  When it comes to web success, search is everything.  This translates into website traffic, visitors, conversions, all the reasons you’re on the internet.  Traffic is essential and not being mobile friendly is simply not an option.




                  Before                                     After

XLR8 Mobile Website Features


One button “Click To Call”


One button “Map With Directions”


Automatic “custom redirect code” that senses mobile user


Designed with same look and feel as regular website


Easy to navigate


No more “pinching and zooming”