A Case Study

Winning On The Web

FTI Performance, Inc.

Motorsports Industry

High Performance Component Manufacturer

FTI Performance Web Stats Summary

  • Page Views On Full Website Per Month 160,000
  • HIts On Full Website Per Month 1,981,261
  • Phone Calls From Mobile Website Per Month 301
  • Click For Directions On Mobile Website Per Month 91
  • Page Views On Mobile Website Per Month 19,832

We had the pleasure of being under contract for SEO with FTI Performance for 3 years and in that time we accomplished the following in Google, Yahoo and Bing:


Search Engine Placements in 95 Countries


94 Keyword phrases ranked #1 on Page 1


Another 130 Keyword phrases in the Top 10 on Page 1


An additional 151 Keyword phrases in the Top 5 Pages


FTI_Website                            FTI_Mobile_Website

              Full Website Screenshot                                                                                  Mobile Website Screenshot


XLR8 has had the privilege of being a strategic partner in the FTI Performance success story.


Our responsibilities::

  • New Website build

  • Mobile Website build

  • Mobile Website hosting

  • E-Commerce integration and programming

  • Website Security

  • Full Organic SEO Program


When we first got involved with FTI Performance,  their internet presence was being done in-house and didn’t meet their needs. Their website did not have an SEO focus and online sales capabilities were not enabled.

After embracing their aspirations, identifying their customer base and e-commerce objectives, we designed the full website and incorporated seamless e-commerce with more than 500 products with many having attributes and variations for variable products.  We incorporated automatic shipping calculators and multiple shipping options.  We used a Premium Secure Socket Layer Certificate and integrated a software firewall for protection with security vulnerabilities.

We integrated their Facebook feed onto the website homepage and also added nice automation features in the e-commerce capabilities to do things like set Sales to automatically start and stop by date and time.

We then built the Mobile Website for FTI Performance to have the same “look and feel” as their main website.  We programmed the Mobile Website to automatically update by “sync-ing” it with the main website and wrote custom code for the main website that detects when the viewer is on a mobile device and automatically redirects the viewer to their Mobile Website, which is formatted for the mobile device and has one button “Click To Call” and one touch “Map With Directions”.

After our initial search engine optimization for both the main website and the Mobile Website, we initiated an ongoing SEO Campaign.

Although we are not at liberty to discuss proprietary or confidential subject matter for FTI Performance, they enjoyed dramatic growth in the time we were associated and we are proud to have been a contributor in their success.  Today, FTI Performance is “Winning On The Web”.

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